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Here to Stay

Over the past few months’ life has not been easy for the immigrant community especially the undocumented. And the reality is, it has never been easy, however, we now fear that it can only get worse over the next four years to come. Undocumented and DACAmented students across the country fear for their life, their status, and many are still mourning. Here at ADELANTE, we are committed to strategizing to protect our community, and fight back against a system that is so broken and unjust. I want you to not lose hope, to use that fear and uncertainty into strength to keep on moving forward. Right now is the time to stand tall, educate ourselves on what is going on in the political arena, and keep on having each others backs. Action, inner strength, and our dreams is what will get us where we need to be. Remember, We are here to stay!

With love and care,


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