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Adelante is a safe space for undocumented students in NYS to explore their legal status and routes to college with their peers and professional staff. Members join our network by attending a summer session and continue to develop their educational roadmap through mentorship and quarterly reunions. We also work with students to research new policy directions and offer to consult to colleges and universities that wish to welcome more undocumented students. Members become involved in legislative and institutional campaigns to contribute to a just New York State.

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The Adelante team is also committed to helping project the voices of participants. Members help us provide feedback to colleges who wish to be undocumented-friendly, and create new policy suggestions. Members become involved in local, state, and federal campaigns on issues such as immigration reform and education that affect their lives.

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Adelante began in the Fall of 2015 with the dream to provide a safe space for undocumented youth to gather to share resources and build resources. A small volunteer team was able to raise funds thanks to tremendous grassroots support. In June 2016 we held our first program in Poughkeepsie for students from high schools in the Hudson Valley, and since then we have expanded to offer a 10-day residential program. In summer 2020 we pivoted to a virtual program and stood with families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. The summer programs include workshops on self-advocacy, art for justice, college choice, and legal options. Now, a total of 100 program graduates are part of the Adelante network and continue to meet at least three times per year at quarterly reunions. Members have contributed to social justice campaigns, and are working on organizing efforts to address systemic issues in the educational system. 

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