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Visión Adelante 

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After years of workshops, participation in rallies, and feeling inspired by leaders in the movement, in the Fall of 2021, Adelante members gathered for the first "Power Weekend". The weekend focused on youth advocacy and what students can do to help organize and campaign for the equitable rights of undocumented families in the United States. Together, members committed to forming a Youth Organizing Committee that meets every month, called Vision Adelante.  The committee studies organizing through an intensive curriculum, engages with existing coalitions, and works towards launching Adelante's next campaign.

In Fall of 2022, 43 undocumented high school and college students gathered for Power Weekend 2.0, this time under the leadership of Vision Adelante. As a membership body, the group committed to fighting for a more equitable K-12 system for undocumented students, especially in smaller towns upstate where the youth members have identified greater microaggressions. This new campaign is entitled "Envisioning Equal Education." Follow us for more details.


Power Weekend:

Power Weekend was a 2-day retreat where Adelante students and undocumented youth from Upstate NY built community with peers and advocates by engaging in fun, interactive activities while learning about challenges undocumented youth face, and learning about ways they can advocate for change!


Topics discussed include:

  • Adelante's New Campaign to Support High School Students

  • Coalition-building

  • Advocacy

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