To be a counselor, you must be committed to immigrant justice and ideally have personal or family experience with the challenges of being undocumented. At a minimum, counselors participate in a two day training program immediately prior to the summer session. Each counselor is a volunteer, but we can offer a stipend. While we do not have our summer 2020 position open yet, you can read details from last year below. Send us your cover letter and resume to apply, and contact us with questions.


Applying to join us as a student is easy. We first ask you to tell us a bit more about yourself on a written application and to fill out necessary forms. We are looking for undocumented students who think Adelante will make a real difference in their lives and can commit to the program. Then, a member of the planning committee will interview you and answer any questions you and your family have. When accepted, we will ask for a $25 deposit to confirm your spot. This is the only cost for the whole program and we can waive it if it presents a financial difficulty.

Check back in January 2020 for next summer's application! You are also welcome to contact us any time with questions or to express interest.


Committee members help make the program happen. Tasks include securing speakers and trips for the program, acting as a mentor to students, fundraising, and developing materials for the website and social media platforms. We are looking for dedicated leaders who can devote the necessary time for monthly calls, more frequent planning sessions in the spring, and independent work on tasks. Contact us to inquire.

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