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Are We living or Just Existing?

I once heard a professor talk about the refugee camps in Syria. He mentioned a quote in an article he was referring to, he said: “the refugee camps allow the refugees to stay alive but keeps them from living.” When I heard that it made me think about us, undocumented students. The United States allows us to stay alive physically but keeps us from living. They allows us to attend public high schools, and have a taste of the same opportunities as everyone else until, we get older. When I turned 16 I wasn't able to go to the DMV to get my permit like everyone else. When I began my college application, I had to accept the reality of the government rejecting my FAFSA application. They keep us from living, until we learn that we are strong, smart and beautiful souls. I have decided to choose to live and not just exist. Some days may be harder than others but it is so crucial for us to start living and not be silent. And I don't mean argue and insult others. But educate them and stand up for what you believe in. Once we step out of the shadows, we start living!

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